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My work develops from the use of the body as a support and subject of the action, challenging its vulnerability to exposure in relation to other's gaze. I am interested in producing situations that can lead to the creation of territories where the body can affirm itself as an instrument of change, a catalyst of images and behaviours. I consider it important during the creation process, try to increase awareness of details that allow questioning appearances, encouraging reflection on how we are led by the images we produce and which in turn participate in the production of the world to which we belong.

Much of my interventions evokes or suggests experiences related to the strangeness, absurd, perception of intermediate territories and sensory geographies, giving rise to hybrid forms of construction, review or collection of information.

The noise in the communication, obsessive behaviours, observing the observer, the tension between chaos and order are some recurring elements that feed my imagination, being materialized in the form of performances, choreography and documentation processes.

Joclécio Azevedo